Who We Work With

You just filed for bankruptcy and need to sell everything possible. You have twenty stores and one needs to be closed. You have a completely new concept for your store and need to remodel. In any of these situations, you need to sell your fixtures, furniture, and equipment quickly. We help a variety of businesses through these situations:

  1. Retail stores
  2. Distribution centers
  3. Offices of retail clients

Our Process

Our first step is to evaluate your assets. This will give us an idea of the results you can realistically expect from the sale. We handle the marketing and setup as well as arranging temporary labor. After the sale, we remove and recycle all remaining fixtures, furniture, and equipment. We broom-clean the facilities, turn the building over ready to rent, and exit on time. You walk away with cash.

What We Can Sell

Since we want to focus on getting you the best possible price for your assets, we do not liquidate merchandise. While some companies liquidate merchandise as well, their focus on their higher profits from merchandise leaves you with unsold fixtures, furniture, and equipment at the end of the liquidation process. Instead of leaving you with abandoned assets, we focus on selling all of your equipment and guarantee we will remove and recycle any equipment left unsold.

While the assets we help liquidate vary greatly, you may view a list of the types of products we normally sell at our liquidation sales.

Our clients: