Gondola Shelving

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Gondola shelving is a long-lasting, adjustable type of shelving. It comes in many colors and is easy to customize. It can be set up as shelving unit against a wall, a stand-alone island unit with shelves on both sides, as end caps, or custom configurations.

Gondola Shelving is used in:

  • Retail sales floor
  • Warehouse
  • Stock room
  • Storage room
  • Storage unit
  • Garage
  • Anywhere shelving is needed
Gondola Shelving

What else is gondola shelving called?

  • Retail shelving
  • Sales floor shelving
  • Display shelving
  • Supermarket shelving
  • Grocery store shelving
  • Convenient store shelving
  • Store shelving
Major Manufacturers
  • Lozier
  • L.A. Darling
  • Streater
  • Madix