Used commercial refrigeration in Columbus, OH

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  • Master-Bilt, 1-door cooler, model # BGR-14 = only $850 (1 available)
  • Master-Bilt, 2-door coolers, model # BMG-48 = only $995 each (2 available)
  • True, 2-door coolers, model # GDM-49 = only $995 each (4 available)
  • Master-Bilt, 3-door coolers, model # BMG-74 = only $1,395 each (3 available)
  • True, 3-door coolers, model # GDM-72 = only $1,395 each (3 available)
  • True, 3-door cooler, model # MT-72-W = only $1,395 (1 available)


  • Master-Bilt, 2-door freezers, model # BLG-48 = only $1,295 each (2 available)
  • Master-Bilt, 2-door freezer, model # BLG-48HD = only $1,295 (1 available)

The units are very clean and in very good condition! We can turn them on so you can see them working.

All have glass doors

Buy some or all! Quantity discounts available!



Sale is open to the public, but it’s by appointment only!

Please call Leonard at (903) 407-7283 to make an appointment!

Sale location is 2195 Broehm Road, Columbus, Ohio 43207, but please don’t come without an appointment! Your appointment will be with Dan Dawes.
All sales are subject to sales tax.
Payment methods accepted: credit cards, cashier’s check or wire transfer
All payments are to be made to Grand & Benedicts, Inc.
Items cannot be removed until we have received payment
All sales are subject to $50 handling fee
Items for sale subject to change.

Click here for slideshow of many photos

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