Grand + Benedicts specializes in assisting retail businesses as they clear excess equipment from their stores to remodel or prepare for a liquidation sale. Emerging and other cost-cautious businesses can buy this high quality equipment for a fraction of the original cost. Our company is proud to have served businesses, both large and small, for over 30 years.   > Learn more about us.

What We Do

When you need to buy or sell fixtures, furniture, and equipment quickly, Grand + Benedicts has the resources to meet your needs. We provide buyers with quality materials for low prices. We provide sellers with cash for their equipment. These liquidation sales are specially designed to benefit both buyers and sellers.

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Products We Liquidate

We empty and clean facilities for the retail industry. We liquidate:

  • fixtures
  • furniture
  • equipment
  • we do not sell merchandise

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Who We Work With

We work with businesses who are restructuring, closing under-performing stores, or in bankruptcy liquidation including:

  • retail stores
  • distribution centers
  • offices of retail clients

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What are liquidation sales?

Retail liquidation sales occur when a business needs to quickly and efficiently sell their store fixtures, furniture, and equipment. These sales allow businesses needing these products to buy them at a discounted rate. Upcoming liquidation sales are listed below.

Upcoming Liquidation Sales

No liquidation sales are currently taking place. Check back soon or give us a call.